РNeurons are the basic unit of the conduction system (nervous system) of the body,

-which convey sensations from the brain to the peripheral organ or to the peripheral organ to the brain just like electric wires convey electricity from one place to another. Like electric wires neurons have an insulating covering i.e. myelin sheath and like electric circuit they have nerve plexus and interneuron junctions.
-Any damage to the insulating covering or the circuit of these neuron may cause interference in propagation of sensation in body.

-So the peripheral neuropathy describes disorders of nerves in which numerous inherited and acquired pathological processes may affect peripheral nerve targeting either the nerve root or nerve plexus.

-An acute or chronic peripheral nerve disorder may be focal (affecting a single nerve : mononeuropathy), multifocal (affecting several nerves : mononeuropathy multiplex) or generalised (polyneuropathy).

Types of Peripheral Neuropathy

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