Mononeuropathy refers to the disease or damage of a single nerve. Common cause are entrapment, compression and trauma which may be extrinsic or intrinsic.
Extrinsic Compression usually occurs when limb is maintained in a fixed position that produces sustain pressure on nerve. It is often reversible if position of limb is changed but may be Irreversible if the episodes of compression repeat.
Intrinsic factors such as arthritis, fluid retention (Pregnancy During), Amyloid, Tumours and diabetes mellitus may make nerves more vulnerable for injury.

Types of Mononeuropathy

a) Carpel tunnel syndrome :-                                                                                                                           

Cause – Repetitive hand activity or repetitive hand injury.

Symptom – Numbness, pain or Paresthesias in fingers.

b)Ulnar nerve entrapment :- it has two types on the basis of site of injury

  • Ulnar nerve entrapment at elbow :-

Cause – elbow flexion during sleep, elbow resting on desk.

Symptom –numbness or paresthesias in ulnar aspect of hand {inner aspect of hand}

  • Ulnar nerve entrapment at wrist :-

Cause – unusual hand activities with tools, bicycling.

Symptoms – numbness and weakness in ulnar distribution area of hand {little finger and ring  finger}

c) Radial neuropathy :-

Cause – sleeping on arm

Symptoms – wrist drop

d) Thoracic outlet syndrome

 Cause – lifting heavy objects with hand.

Symptoms – Numbness, parsthesias in arm, forearm, hand and fingers.

e) Femoral neuropathy

Cause – hysterectomy {surgical removal of uterus}, haematoma, diabetes mellitus.

Symptoms – buckling of knee, numbness or tingling in thigh medial leg.

f) Obturator neuropathy

Cause – stretch during hip surgery, hip fracture, childbirth.

Symptoms – weakness of leg, numbness thigh.

g) Meralgia paresthetica

Cause- standing or walking, recent weight gain.

Symptoms pain and numbness in anterior and lateral thigh.

h)Peroneal nerve entrapment

Cause – acute compression episodes.

Symptoms – foot drop

i)Sciatic neuropathy

Cause – injection injury, fracture or dislocation of hip, prolonged pressure on hip {comatose patients}

Symptoms – flail foot and numbness in foot.

j)Tarsal tunnel syndrome

Cause- flat feet or fallen arches, injury to ankle.

Symptoms – pain and numbness in sole o foot but not in heel.


Treatment for Mono Neuropathies-

Treatment for acute and sub acute entrapment neuropathies consist of :

– Identification and removal of extrinsic contributing cause

– Use of splint

– Physiotherapy

– Changes in work habits

– Avoid the activities that precipitate the injury to the nerve.

– Anti inflammatory medication may be helpful.

In chronic neuropathies where conservative measures are failed to relive surgical treatment is required.

Homeopathic Treatment For Mononeuropathy